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a craaaaaaaaazy country in the mid south of africa. wow. it enthralls me. It however does not urinate on norway like nearby Kenya.
"Zambia is the place to be!"
"If i had a friend, id take them to Zambia!"
by Brian February 27, 2004
A surprised face.For best effect, add a period between the two o's for a nose.
"I just humped a car*
by Brian November 27, 2003
Team that buys every player in major league baseball, and then wonders why they can't win a World Series every year.
Even though the Yankees payroll was 180 million, compared to 100 million of the Red Sox, they barely made it past Boston in 11 innings of Game 7 with some timely BLOOP b.s. hits.
by Brian October 20, 2003
A totally rocking drama about gay life in the Pitts
I wish i got showtime so i could watch QAF without downloading it from Kazaa
by Brian October 24, 2003
a charicter on The Simpsons
cletus: i got 300 of them coopons
by Brian January 24, 2004
A drug dealer. The local pusher.
I got this dope from the slinger down the street.
by Brian March 31, 2005
Oral sex to a male... Eg. Giving head
I found her on her knees giving her boyfriend fillatio
by Brian September 14, 2003

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