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uhh... regarding Eric's definition, Belmont's not that hard. I go to Carlmont, and yes, "Dangerous Minds" was based on the school, but focused on the problem created (that still exists) by the EPA kids bussed in from 'da hood. But the current principal hella cleaned the school up, and now its not as bad (some drugs and wannabe gangs, but I'm pretty sure its still one of the better SUHSD schools)

What I'm trying to say is its not the Belmont kids that make Crackmont hard, its the EPA kids. Belmont's just a mostly white-populated city of about 25,ooo people, a lot like San Carlos but with crappier elementary and middle schools, and a smaller population.
If there weren't EPA kids at Carlmont the Belmont Police Department wouldn't have anything to do.
#b-town #carlmont #650 #bay area #san carlos
by brian September 28, 2006
A slang term for a bad car. Usually a car that has been in a serious accident, or a car that will not work any longer.
Wow, you really do have one hell of a Ford Focus! Man that should be about 20,000 dollars worth of repairs.
by Brian November 04, 2003
when a whole bunch of guys get together at someones house and eat a bunch of taco bell tacos until they develop explosive diarrhea
Last night we had a huge taco fest, and i crapped my pants multiple times.
by Brian October 29, 2004
a fat slut who has no friends
yo yall see ayesha over there? damn shes fat.
by brian May 18, 2004
Philadelphia is a dump. The people are douchebags and no one in the city knows how to drive a car at all. There is garbage everywhere and ANYWHERE in the city I go I gotta watch my back for fear of getting mugged. There is nothing to do except go to bars and get in fights with the disgusting locals. And all those places above dubya said are originally from New Jersey, Except Yuengling, and Rita's blows anyway. You might as well yat an ice cude died with food coloring. Its a dump like I said.
Philadelphia is a wanna be New York, except with ALOT more black people. Lets move to Jersey.
by Brian March 04, 2004
a condom
I need a nightcap or she won't let me bone her.
by Brian June 22, 2004
Being screwed by your professor so many times that failing grades no longer seem to affect you.
Brian: Yo Jason, how was the midterm?

Jason: FUCK IT! Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!
by Brian April 06, 2004
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