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458 definitions by Brian

I was at that game man, GO KU! The Kansas Mascot.
Rock Chawk JAYHAWK go KU
by Brian June 26, 2003
A person who identifies as a heterosexual, but is not afraid to explore curiosity towards the same sex.
Nathan: What's heteroflexible?
Brian: It's where someone is straight, but isn't opposed to sex with another man or woman.
by Brian June 18, 2006
n. A yummy ingestable substance

adj. Cool
"The clue is... Cool"
"What is... excuse me, what ARE drugs?"
"Correct for 400"
by Brian January 27, 2004
when a guy has a huge penis and is so big it can't stand up so it hangs out from the guys body like a horse's penis does
yo i saw marc's cock and he's definatly horse hung
by brian January 20, 2004
for some reason, this phrase is on all of the US currency, even though the feddy government isnt supposed to have shit to do with the church.
guy 1: I spy with my little eye something that says "in god we trust"

guy 2: hmm... little scraps of paper put out by the government that govern our lives in almost all regards?

guy 1: hey! thats right, coins too

guy 2: its fucked up too...
by brian December 21, 2005
Maker of one of the first and still best 300hp 4 cylinder rally cars.
The Peugeot 206 dominated in the World Rally Championship of 2000
by Brian June 17, 2003
1. A period of time most often associated with the dark ages, particularly from the 11th to the 15th centuries.
2. An agressive action, usually in retaliation of an earlier action.
"knights did a lot of crusading in medieval times."
"I'm gonna go medieval on your ass!"
by Brian November 03, 2004