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A surprised face.For best effect, add a period between the two o's for a nose.
"I just humped a car*
by Brian November 27, 2003
A drug dealer. The local pusher.
I got this dope from the slinger down the street.
by Brian March 31, 2005
1. A subject that 75% of "musicians" out there have never touched.
2. An excuse the ignorant make to put down artists that try to push the boundaries of contemporary music. All the while these same ignoramuses believe poor technique and slop equate with good music just because everybody else thinks so. These people also have never bothered to actually listen to the music they loathe so much.
3. A set of (flexible) rules that dictate the manner in which music functions.
In most introductory music theory courses, students learn about the intervallic structure of the major scale and how it is harmonized.
by Brian February 26, 2004
Smoking weed, other drugs, etc. Preferrably from a bong.
Stop cheefing on my bong.
by Brian August 15, 2003
short for the ciggarette New Ports
common dawg, lemme bum a port from ya..
by Brian September 13, 2004
the ESRB rating that stands for Mature, 17+. It basically means it has lots of violence or sex and stuff, and that stores are supposed to check id's when selling the game (unfortunatley, they actually do)
darn that m rating!!! It means I can't sneak out and buy Grand Theft Auto San Andreas at Best Buy. I guess I can try downloading it...
by brian July 01, 2005
n. Derogatory term toward any imported vehicle from an eastern Asian country (Mitsubishi, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, Acura) that is souped up and/or low to the ground; e.g. has an unnecessary spoiler, trim that is equal or less than three inches above the ground, and various other modifications to make the car look faster than it actually is.
A customized Toyota Celica's trim, for example, may be two inches off of the ground. It may also have a two foot high spoiler, roughly the equivalent of a small plane's wing. This is a prime example of a rice rocket.
by Brian July 26, 2004

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