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Adjective used to describe less heavy rock music. Although rock music is generally loud, with a lot of bass and not really "soft", so often confusing as an arguable oxymoron.
I'm listening to some Mamas and the Papas which I guess you could say is "soft rock."
by brendan July 01, 2004
Any evil person or thing that is going to effect your chances of scoring
I was going to dive in but there were to many obstacles.
by brendan May 13, 2004
The actual name of the disease for fat / overweight people living in denial and believing that their weight gain is from an over-active pituitary or thyroid gland.
"My mother-in-law suffers from fork to mouth disease!"
by Brendan October 16, 2003
A common phrase meaning the same thing as "hello" but it can only be used before midday. It does not necessarily assume the weather is good but is rather a simple greeting.
"Good morning" is another classic oxymoron.
by brendan July 01, 2004
A verse that flows.
''dat sure woz a tight rhyme, boy he can flow''
e.g ''there's a million of us just like me/ who cuss like me/ who just don't give a fuck like me/ who dress like me, walk talk n act like me/ n just might be the next best thing/ but not quite me'' - shady
by Brendan April 07, 2003
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