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A segment of the population (and originally the biker population) defined by behavior that is morally incomprehensible to most people. A common (and by some accounts required) 'feat' to earn "%1" designation: To have eaten a woman out while she is on the rag.

Also, refers to the known killer(s) within a biker gang by it's members. Though this is falling into disuse.

1%'s most common meaning is simply "crazy", with the specific connetation of an unknown hidden deeper direction of the one who is 1%.
"No way should you deal with that guy, he's 1%"
by Brendan October 10, 2004
Acronym: If You Say So
Johnny says:
have you heard the new Britney Spears song?
brendan says:
yeah some of it
brendan says:
then i turned the radio off
Johnny says:
i like it
Johnny says:
its good :)
brendan says:
by brendan May 25, 2004
Short for Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford in the movies.
I want to live like Indy; running around with a cool hat whipping guns out of the hands of bad guys and saving the world at all sorts of exotic locations.
by brendan July 12, 2004
Heavy, bulky
''Pollok, yer a hefty bastard''
by Brendan April 07, 2003
The three second rule is as follows: When you walk into the room where the girl you are interested in is or when she arrives in the vicinity you must initiate conversation within three seconds so to convey spontaneous thought. If you do not follow it and initiate conversation after a couple of minutes she may be less talkative and less attracted by your likely prepared speech. Even if you come out with some shit it will likely be better than preparing something to say. She'll probably be able to tell.
*Shit here she is, here goes*.."eh Hey you're looking fine today girl..where have you been i've not seen you since yesterday"
"yeah! I was at my boyfriend's house"
"oh, ok, eh, *wtf nooo!* - eh, what u been up to then?"
by brendan June 19, 2004
The name Brendan backwards.
My name is nadnerb backwards.
by brendan March 04, 2005
1. Wait a minute. Used when a new idea has popped into one's head or when one thinks something is a bad idea.
2. A robbery, eg. a bank hold up.
1. 22:18:17 brendan 22:18 Orbital - Halcyon + On + On says:
its gotta be the hardest one to write a lot about yet, and shes not even taugtht us anything about the line
22:18:19 brendan 22:18 Orbital - Halcyon + On + On says:
hold up
22:18:24 brendan 22:18 Orbital - Halcyon + On + On says:
shes not taught us anything full stp
2. You hear about the big hold up down town?
by brendan September 21, 2004

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