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250 definitions by Brendan

Luceal Ritchie's new business venture, Quickie & Tang.
''I just had a quickie @ quickie n tang, hardly worth my £2 though, she sucked like a donkey''
by Brendan April 06, 2003
A stupid someone with willy brains.
''My my, you're such a dipstick Freddy''
by Brendan April 07, 2003
When a girl gets done in the ass/pussy while giving a blowjob, this can also be done over a chair For Kobe Style
Kobe- Hey Shaq u wanna Go Eiffel Tower Brandi
Shaq- Sure, wanna go Ur style or what
Kobe- i just wanna unload on that bitch
by Brendan May 06, 2005
A decent band but now over rated
''....and it was all yellow''
by Brendan October 06, 2003
French for yes....Actually that's spelled oui.
''Oui Monsieur, le penis était très savoureux, merci beaucoup!''
by Brendan April 05, 2003