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250 definitions by Brendan

The M203A1 is a 40mm, single shot, breech loaded, pump action, shoulder fired grenade launcher. It is used by both American and Canadian forces. It is mounted under the barrel. It ranges from 100-400m adjustable in 50m increments. The most commonly used rounds are smoke, CS, and HE rounds. It weighs 1.3kg unloaded and 1.8kg loaded depending on the round. It is simple to operate, take apart, and clean.
The M203 Grenadier took out a trench from 350m.
by Brendan September 29, 2004
Maori word meaning "The place where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, who slid, climbed and swallowed mountains, known as 'landeater', played his flute to his loved one". 2nd longest place name in the world with 126 characters after "krungthep mahanakhon udomrajniwes mahasatarn amorn pimarn avaltarnsatit sakatattiya visanukram prasit" which is another name for the Thai capital Bangkok.
One day I will go to Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu!
by brendan May 20, 2004
1. Scot's slang for police.
2. Turkish for police.
1. Run ya cunt the polis are comin'
by brendan September 20, 2004
An attitude of superiority--living the sweet life. Living with pure class and style.

Living a socialite-esque existence
Is he wearing sunglasses inside? That is so dolce
by Brendan December 04, 2004
Fuck (French)
''Va te faire foutre'' (''Fuck you'')
by Brendan April 07, 2003
Website examining "ned" culture in a very derogitory fashion. Widely known in Scotland, features things such as a "Ned-a-Gotchi" (pun on the Tam-a-Gotchi craze) soundbox.
See the Glasgow Survival website for yourself and make your own judgement on it's merits and stereotypes at www.glasgowsurvival.co.uk
by brendan May 15, 2004
A pet name for your girlfriend.
Yo, Hunny get ova here.
by Brendan October 29, 2003