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big puffy hair
i cant find my fro pick
by blade March 10, 2003
A person like Hashmeer who wants a hoht haim saindwich
This Daniel P kid is fwauked up mayn, he thowt thays girl would give him kiss if he was on soccer team!
by blade February 13, 2004
See "homey"
Whassup, homeskillet?
by Blade December 17, 2002
n. scrotum
due to the folds of skin on the scrotum that resemble folds of gray matter
Friends television show, with a man going commando and "showing brain"
by Blade April 27, 2004
something that is sweet and kick ass
buttered toast
by blade March 10, 2003
a person who was not worth being born, an asshole, a person who should have been a blow-job.
That jack-off owes me money.
by blade January 09, 2004
The publisher of the 80's classic Amstrad CPC 464 strategy game 'Laser Squad'
The handle that Daniel's used for ages
by Blade March 26, 2003
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