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Member of Group X
Whenever you see me, Hashmeer is in trouble. I like to chew gum and I like to blow a bubble. One time I blew, a bubble so big. Inside of the bubble, was a little kid. Little kid come out and he said to me "SHWHAT?" I say get your hands off my hot dog that is something -- can't touch.
by shplay April 27, 2003
A member of Group X, a band that creates funny little songs like Peanuts, and Don't Touch That.
Peanuts: No peanuts makes Hashmeer mad!
Don't touch that: Every time you see him, Hashmeer is in trouble.
by Miles Nelken September 06, 2006
A most awesome, gum chewing fellow.
IE:"You are a kind Hashmeer."

A member of Group X...and he didn't steal the freakin beats!
"Go Hashmeer go Hashmeer go Hashmeer and the rest can go away....SHWAT!???"
by Bishmilla July 12, 2004
on the rubix cube team
"Hashmeer like dat"
by Uncle Reemus March 13, 2003