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Popular term for someone's brain, usually used in terms of killing, death, or stupidity.
1)I'm gonna splatter your gray matter on the wall with my sawed-off shotgun.
2)The hitman redecorated the room with gray matter.
3)You idiot! Why don't you use that gray matter in your head to think once in a while?
#brains #killing #death #stupidity #grey matter
by III March 23, 2006
Brilliant band that had two songs in the ground-breaking Flip video Sorry.
Well I'm crusin' illusions
disillusions for now
I took a step to the edge
but I've been walking for miles
it was a very temporary waste of time
if there's really such a thing as a waste of time
can't let myself be restrained
let decisions be so torn
kill confusion by killing options
burn no bridges to stay warm.
by Ziggy Stardust March 03, 2005
Awesome band from Dischord Records.
Did you hear Gray Matter's cover of "I am the Walrus" by The Beatles?
by dischord January 26, 2004
Any situation that requires the wisdom & experience that usually only comes to old age.

Use Examples:

Being a Gray-Matter, it was turned over to their most experienced employee.

Because it was a Gray-Matter, the children couldn’t handle the problem.

A Gray-Matter usually requires the skills of persons over the age of 40 years.

#wisdom #experience #age #old age #situation #complex
by Tyson D. Knine October 13, 2007
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