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Something that MTV and MSNBC both employ in order to brainwash and control their audience, both of these organizations of which spew liberal propaganda 24/7, with that same propaganda and hate speech being followed by those same manipulated viewers. Basically psychological control over those who are weak-minded.
Over 30 million manipulated teenage MTV viewers and counting!
by Phil Mehard March 23, 2005
75 27
1. To control like a professional.
2. To control very well, have posession of very well, or preform an action very well.

;A verb - used anywhere where it makes sense like in sports, sexual activities, transportation, insults, comments, etc.
1. The manipulation of Ronaldinio on the soccer ball made everyone jealous.
by Eddie March 21, 2005
76 42
A great song by Chicago The Band. It is the first track on the 1980 album "Chicago XIV" (or Chicago 14).
Robert Lamm does the lead vocals on "Manipulation".
by The Midwestrn Soldier March 23, 2005
18 25