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jack bauer's name except for as a verb meaning to injure or hurt with force or violence
Don't make me Jack Bauer your ass.
I will Jack Bauer those terrorists.
by B to the Rizzle March 03, 2007
what nbc's primetime lineup should be called
there was nothing on tv last night

of course, and with the pursuit of crappyness running from 8-11 on nbc there was even less.
by b to the rizzle April 10, 2007
the phrase used to describe the stereotype that all people in Massachusetts/ New England speak in sentences like... "if you pahk the cah in dah hahvahd yahd i'll tohw yah."

Also that such people don't pronounce their Rs, Ls, and Ts
1: Have you seen all people in Boston that talk in ebonics
2: hails to the no, my brotha, those peoples use pahk tahk
by B to the Rizzle February 26, 2007
when u stay up all night and then go to sleep after eating breakfest
That last new year's eve party was a breakfast and bed for me
by b to the rizzle April 29, 2007
Verb, Noun : a name given by uneducated parents who cannot spell.

Pronounciation is the same as name.
P1 : That Girl Jazzmiyn must have had a hard life with a name like that.

P2 : Nah man, that Jazzmiyn has a Pnaym.
by B to the rizzle February 15, 2007
someone who is totally not into dating or interacting at all with people directly but only through apple's I-(insert item here) type products. They also can be categorized by never removing their ipod headphones.
(2 is listening to ipod)
1:Hey, u wanna see a movie?
2:No response
1:(repeats louder)
2:I can't, gotta download some songs and re-tag all my music in my music collection on my ibook and-
1:"You're so isexual!"
by b to the rizzle May 09, 2007
carusofy is to have your career fucked up as badly as actor david caruso's was before he got his job at CSI and CSI:Miami.

From Justin to Kelly did a good job of carusofying Justin Guerrini's (or whatever the fuck that washed up loser's name is) career although Kelly Clarkson may have gained from it.
by b to the rizzle May 06, 2007

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