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carusofy is to have your career fucked up as badly as actor david caruso's was before he got his job at CSI and CSI:Miami.

From Justin to Kelly did a good job of carusofying Justin Guerrini's (or whatever the fuck that washed up loser's name is) career although Kelly Clarkson may have gained from it.
by b to the rizzle May 06, 2007
A combination of uncle and aunt that makes it possible to remove the phrase 'uncle and aunt' from your vocabulary
Will you be inviting your aunts and uncles to prom?


Will you be inviting your claunts to prom?
by B to the Rizzle March 03, 2007
an outfit...the clothes you wore outside your house
"Throw on some drawers and pick out a costume
I think ill rock these blue jeans and this tee shirt
And whats a little polo sport gonna hurt?"-Gym Class Heroes
by b to the rizzle June 05, 2007
a negotiation where the person who wants something has no chance of getting anything from the person who might give them something (or in this case nothing)

pronounced no-go-tiation
1:I was talking to Andre and I wanted his Bob Marley CD and then he wouldn't give it to me after I offered him my entire CD collection.

2:What a nogotiation
by b to the rizzle April 23, 2007
A girl that people mention has 'interesting' hobbies since she's a slut. Guys go out with her because she's 'interesting' to be around, not to mention easy all the same.
P1 :That girl Crystal like the champange is never boring...I wanna go out with her...

P2 : That bitch is a sluteresting dirty hoe, I got HIV from her.
by B to the rizzle February 15, 2007
word similar to telegraph but means that you're passing notes back and forth on the kind of expensive graphing calculators private middle schools can afford which can write plain english letters (without turning it upside down) to. Calcagraphing is used as a way of communicating which is usually more obvious because of the size of the calculators than passing balled up notes but some people use it anyway.
1:Did u hear about Clair calcagraphing about her boyfriend and how Mr. D found out about it?
2:Yeah I know, she's such a dumbass
by b to the rizzle May 12, 2007
1. A guy that is known as a player,pimp

2. A guy that goes after mostly jewish girls
1: Chadmister is getting all the chicks in synagogue
2: What a mackajewea
by b to the rizzle May 03, 2007

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