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The best two things in the world.
Damn, I need some ass n titties.
by anon. December 08, 2004
A person that is a brilliant friend while things are going well, but when the gong gets tough, the person ups and leaves.
when I was rich, Chris was such a great friend. But when I screwed up and lost everything, I never heard from him again. Chris is such a fair-weather friend.
by Anon. October 23, 2003
founded in the sixties by some guy from orange co. California.

Where a group of nine kids get together and study for a year on a designated topic (i.e. ancient civlizations) in hope to master 10 different skill areas. Incredibly hard competition at the national level and most likely california will win.

a joke is some states, and serious business in others.

a safe haven for the incredibly nerdy or naturally brilliant.
U.S.A.D. . . . umm it was fun and i learned stuff, but best of all it looks good on my resume`.
by anon. April 20, 2005
A Hare Krishna word for happiness.
May Gouranga follow you wherever you may go!
by Anon. August 29, 2004
An African American word meaning love.
It is great to have an Aleyna in your life sometime or another.
by Anon. August 22, 2003
World War II British slang for a massed artillery bombardment on an enemy position.
5th Battery'll be stonking Jerry in the morning!
by Anon. October 01, 2003
A beautiful little girl who was murdered on Christmas Day, 1996. The investigation was somewhat destroyed by tainted evidence, false allegations, and the insane media. It is still unknown who abused and murdered this innocent child.
The murder of Jonbenet Ramsey is just one of the many cases of child abuse which are never solved in this nation.
by anon. April 22, 2005

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