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A man who sits in the mall and recieves lap dances from children, promising to deliver them presents in return for the favour.
"Hoe,hoe, hoe!" I hear Santa Clause calling his bitches again.
by anon. April 03, 2005
A basic form of causing physical pain that is usually experienced for the first time in infant school. It invloves gripping the top of somebody's forearm with both hands then rotating the hands in opposite directions, thus stretching the skin. Tolerance to this increases with age, unless a meathead tries it and mangles not only your skin, but your muscles, ligaments and bones also.
1. Aww, I let my little cousin give me a chines burn today, and I pretended it hurt me.
2. Johnny Meatface wrestled me to the ground today and give me a chinese burn. I couldn't even breathe, let alone scream.
by anon. April 14, 2005
Mom I'd Love to Fuck
How could such a MILF give birth to that asswipe. MILF, MILF, MILF!
by Anon. January 03, 2004
Music is the essence of humanity. light and beautiful, yet it will live on through the ages...through war, famine, drought, death...music will always be there. There is no sciecentific formula for music, it cannot be made on a production line. Music is only music when made by an instrument. Music is from the heart. Great jazz artists that are now dead, but their live recordings live on capturing how they felt there and then on that stage. Music is life, love and without it we would cease to exist!
Without music my heart would not know when to beat
by anon. April 08, 2004
South Lakes: where white people are the minority.
Holla at cha boyyyeee!!
by anon. November 23, 2004
1) A small picture beneath a persons username in posts on forums.
2) Some kind of incarnation of a god.
1) user's avatar is a piece of crap.
2) Fear the Avatar of Zeus!
by Anon. October 03, 2003
Usually a young person between 18 and 21 who is supposed to attend university at some point or another. Student life for many might entail being bone idle, eating kebabs, stealing traffic cones and getting "totally wreaked!". Mostly middle class in origin, a great number of them seem fascinated with alcohol and consuming large amounts of cheap larger at arguably cheesy student nights. Often, many display a great lack of manners and are void of anything in particular accept desperately attempting to be 'totally wacky'.

Interestingly in the perceptions of many, students are often deemed poor. Yet seemingly they are actually fairly affluent. Usually having their tuition fees and rent paid for by their parents, they have more or less a totally disposable income but still manage to achieve massive amounts of debt by spending their money on stupid haircuts or designer clothes.

Student houses can often be identified by some sort of roadwork application in the window, or something they've stolen on the way back from a "totally crazy" evening out. Furthermore, the house will usually be in poor condition with little attempt at keeping the front garden clean - further reaffirming their lack of respect for other people, especially those living in the same area.
"In my halls of residence, me and dave made a pact with flat 84 to get totally wreaked and steal at least four traffic cones. It was a totally mental night."

"We're students, lets get battered on Carling and wake everyone up on our way home with shit songs"

"Hello John, are you coming to the lecture? No, lets go to a Scream Bar and get wasted!"

"Students are lazy and have too much spare time to spend writing shit on websites"
by Anon. April 04, 2005

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