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to laugh in a really cute bubbly manner
Christine has the cutest giggle and i wanna smack that ass.
by Andy October 02, 2003
Regency-era swear word, meaning a man who doesn't treat women proper.
Regency woman: Forsooth, Eminem, for thou art such a cad!

Eminem: Yo, shut yo mouth yo beeatch, and suck mah cock, and den yall fuck off back to yo own time zone

Regency woman: (faints at hearing so much bad language)
by Andy April 20, 2004
Drummer from the band Rush. Known for his innovative use of unusual time signatures, steely countenance, extremely intelligent lyrics, and overall awesomeness. He is the greatest living drummer.
Neil Peart freakin rocks, I'm glad that first drummer left Rush so that, along with Mr. Peart, they could become one of the greatest bands that ever existed.
by Andy May 05, 2004
The northern region of New Jersey. Provides easy access to NYC. If you're from North Jersey as opposed to South Jersey, you are much cooler by comparison.
"I'm from Jersey"
"What part?"
"North Jersey"
by Andy May 06, 2003
Collective noun for a group of gay lions.
There aren't any lionesses, it must be a gay pride.
by Andy April 20, 2004
Something you never, ever want to hear coming from the lips of a man who controls a nuclear arsenal large enough to destroy the entire world eight times over.
"Our intelligence sources tell us that he has attempted to purchase high-strength aluminum tubes suitable for nucular weapons production."
by Andy January 22, 2005
A source used to find synonyms of words not easily found in normal dictionaries.
by Andy September 25, 2003
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