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One of the purest voices ever to sing.
Unbelieveable in concert.
by andrea March 19, 2005
when all you can think of is that special someone and you dont like anyone else anymore

when you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with
the love i have for kai is true love!!
by Andrea August 10, 2004
scared of something that you shouldn't be scared of
Keep your scairt butt away from my chair.
by Andrea May 05, 2005
standard government approved unit of measurement used to quantify the degree of extension of an object that cannot be aptly measured in the field.
"the value of Z3 is in fact only an estimate, as even our bravest researchers cannot be persuaded to make a firsthand measurement"
by Andrea November 10, 2004
Pronounced "Wee-Mo".

Wanna be Emo. Usually young teens seeking attention claiming that they have issues and that no one understands them to the point where emo's think that they are lame.
Shelby's such a wemo.
Look at that wemo.
by Andrea June 14, 2006
a show where tom welling who plays clark kent is always naked when he is in trouble. tom welling plays clark as an outcast who is really hot and beautiful he also cries on occaison and is sensitive to other peoples feelings.yeah its practically the best show ever. if you think tom welling is hot.
"where i'm from, their are colors you've never seen before"-clark kent
by Andrea March 02, 2005
its like the word bootylicious but its not a but its a pussy (something a girl has)
that chick was pussylicious
by andrea October 02, 2003

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