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1. The most absolutely best band to ever live. I love them.
Wow, that band is pretty good, but their no bee gees.
by andrea March 19, 2005
stands for "pissed off" or "put out"
i was so POed when my mom made me clean up my room before we left
by andrea November 29, 2003
Has been called a cross between Sixpence None The Richer/Coldplay with a major influence from Radiohead with it's own unique style unlike any other. Has been called 'swirly' and a 'soundtrack for your dreams'.
Formerly known as Moss Eisley.
by Andrea March 25, 2005
another insulting name for a spanish person. the reason they use this is because when spanish people talk mad fast all the could hear is guala guala guala.
yo shut the fuck up you fucking guala guala
by Andrea December 07, 2004
thats what people in wisconsin call people from illinois
i wish these fucking flatlanders would go back to their own state
by andrea July 09, 2004
Ronnie Vannucci is the drummer from The Killers. He is quite sexy, though he is married. He studied classical precussion at UNLV
Ronnie Vannucci drums with his mouth open and I find it quite endearing.
by Andrea June 07, 2005
A crazyyy comedian who is presently in The Wedding Singer on broadway (based on Adam Sandler's movie, The Wedding Singer), which is amazing and was nominated for 5 Tony's including best musical. He is amazing in the show and all of his songs are hilarious.
Stephen Lynch was soooo good in The Wedding Singer and he is crazy hott.
by Andrea June 17, 2006

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