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89 definitions by Andrea

A British band that started out in 1978. No one can be sure if they are still around. Most people just accept the fact that they'll never come out with anything better than 'Common People'.
I want to fuck Jarvis Cocker from Pulp.
by Andrea November 01, 2003
140 88
Banging some fat ugly bitch because you CAN. You haven't had any in awhile so a slump buster is what you need to get some confidence back to higher class hizat's. Typically a slump buster is a grenade or a M.U.F.F.
It was Valentine's Day so Wes' negative game was working somehow, so he picked up a slump buster and then had a successful rest of the year with hizat's.
by Andrea February 15, 2004
128 89
up for grabs.
by andrea October 11, 2003
50 15
the hottest coolest guy in my school. was friends with me until he went out w/this popular skank
i would like to bang milo
by andrea April 27, 2004
122 91
To be shady or cheap.
Borrowing money from someone and not paying them back or taking forever to pay them back is schisty.
by Andrea March 21, 2005
38 9
One of the purest voices ever to sing.
Unbelieveable in concert.
by andrea March 19, 2005
34 6
Also spelled "schisty" means to be shady or cheap.
Hitting on your friends man is schisty.
by Andrea March 21, 2005
55 29