89 definitions by Andrea

pee in forest. PIF is a unprofitable organization that is a club that pees in the forest whenever they want to or can.
PIF is forever!
To pif is to live.
Joy piffed alot in Costa Rica b/c she is so cool.
The toilet is broken, so just go PIF.
by andrea June 09, 2004
Nascar is one of the best sports ever made! and it's not a bad thing to be a redneck! Stupid yankees!
Dale Jr. is very hott
by Andrea April 08, 2005
Something I'm SICK and TIRED of!!!!!!
Shock site were funny at first, but now I HATE THEM!!!!!!
by Andrea April 05, 2004
Can be spotted making pilgimages to Williamsburg via the L.
they call it billyburg
by andrea January 28, 2004
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