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89 definitions by Andrea

The guitarist and occasional backup singer for the band the killers. Really cool hair. Cooler hair than my brother's. Also called Dave Keuning or just Dave or "the one with the hair" (I have never understood that comment).
"I'd like this band to last for another 50 years. I want to be in a band like Queen - that's my dream. I want that kind of longevity and that kind of variety."

David Keuning has the bestest hair!
by Andrea June 07, 2005
15 3
When Some one will not take it in the ass. Or some one is so tight assed they can't spend a dime one any thing or any one.
She is a Pucker Butt cause she don't do anal. My boy friend is such a pucker butt and will not spend a dime on me.
by Andrea February 13, 2005
14 2
its like the word bootylicious but its not a but its a pussy (something a girl has)
that chick was pussylicious
by andrea October 02, 2003
30 18
A VERY short skirt about 4 inches long, usually seen as lingerie. The name may have come from the ability to tap a girl easier when she has one on.
Four inches, from the top to the reeper! Thank you Rick Johnson.
by Andrea February 18, 2005
11 1
A discription for anythink that is shiny, sparakly, fruty or fuzzy
my kitten is sparkalicious!!

this is a sparkalicious apple!!
by Andrea August 10, 2004
14 4
Done in a hurry or quite fast.
I'll be done typing this licketty split!
by Andrea March 10, 2004
11 1
School is a place where wiggers try to get too much attention (in class, in hallways, incafeteria etc.) School is supposed to help you practice for the futur, and practice makes perfect, but nobody's perfect, so why bother practicing?
Oh no! A wigger! Oh my god... purses everywhere... Oh look! we can see his boxers, his pants are down to his knees!
by Andrea March 12, 2005
22 13