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b7 evolved from b& which means banned. as in from a forum or chatroom.

(banned for general fagotry)
by andrea August 13, 2003
immortals that seduce their prey, which are humans, and then suck their blood. vamp = one that inhibits a dead corpse; which is why vampires in general have pale skin. the teenage gothic/goth scene has taken vampirism to a humourous and real but trendy level, which is why vampirism isn't taken seriously. ie; vampires aren't real. purely fiction of a demented irishman, bram stoker. but there are and have been murderers that have sprouted tales like dracula and nosferatu and are infamous for biting and/or knifing their victims and draining the blood. i've never heard of an asian vampire.
Tom Cruise.
by andrea June 17, 2004
Synonym for mofo, often used as a comparison.
It's snowing like a mothra out there.
by Andrea February 22, 2004
a fruit that is incredibly cool and stuff. used to be random when you feel unorriginal. no dirty connotation in canada. pure innocence and i invented it.
wat are you going to do today?
i dunno, probably apple, purple or generic.
by andrea April 11, 2005
The sound one makes while falling to the ground after being surprised by being kicked in the back of the knee.

Originated when Shelby Findlay was kicked in the back of the knee.
(Kicks in back of knee)
by andrea February 24, 2005
yeahyuh is a extremly uncool way of tring to say yeah like Usher does in his song YEAH
"yeahyuh!' the nerdy kid said
then all the other kids looked at him and thought he was extermly stupid.
by andrea March 03, 2005
1. A guy or girl who is WAY too muscular/large/tall for their own good.
2. A goodlooking guy (tall, muscular).
1. HOLY SHIT! That chick on the softball team is a frieken BEEFER! Watch out!
2. Daaaaamn dude he's a beefer...hook it up.
by Andrea August 07, 2004
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