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In business, "vampirizing" means a product of a brand could potentially burn sales from another product of the same brand. It's usually a mistake to have two conflicting products in a given line of products.
Apple's iPod Touch will now eventually vampirize iPhones sales, because it's the same product, just without the phone.

That's why Apple launched it later, screwing a lot of customers who would have bought the Touch instead, not really needing another phone.
by chris banach November 13, 2007
v. to turn into a vampire
That asshole bit me and now I'm gonna vampirize!
by I'm a weird kid April 27, 2011
verb: the act of biting as a vampire would.
background: it's not a word, but it totally should be... makes sense!
Andrea vampirized Alex. ow.
by andrea November 28, 2004