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It is where you laugh so damn hard you bring your self to orgasm with out touching your self... Where you see some thing funny and sexual at the same time... Or doing some thing during sex like a prank or telling a joke...
Dude pulled out a whoopee cushion while we had sex oh boy I had a laughgasm. The dude had a joy buzzer and shocked me during sex and it made me have a laughgasm.
by Andrea February 10, 2005
verb: the act of biting as a vampire would.
background: it's not a word, but it totally should be... makes sense!
Andrea vampirized Alex. ow.
by andrea November 28, 2004
something or someone that really sucks or is excessively annoying
I hate this hoovin song!/ Ack! ya hoover!
by Andrea September 30, 2003
A superstar
drives a cool car

misunderstood by the swansea morons
beyond definition
by Andrea March 26, 2004
BC is an acronym for Booty Call among my circle of friends.
So are you going to call your BC tonight, or are you going home alone?
by Andrea November 25, 2003
crazed and angry. Credit goes to Mr. Ro, an AP english teacher from Fairfax High.
Dumb students make me crangry
by Andrea December 02, 2004
someone who fucks nuts
he is suck a fucker nutter
by andrea January 13, 2004

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