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Leftover Crack (n.) 1: A non-existent thing.

2: An awesome punk/ska band originating from New York City. AKA Choking Victim.
I can't stop listening to Leftover Crack after that incredible show they played!
by Aaron July 05, 2003
A gay game in which you interact and chat with losers horny 10 year olds.
I was stupid enough to spend 50 dollars on this game, and then got scammed.
by Aaron March 27, 2005
A word not intended to have a response.
Is that so wrong?
by Aaron July 31, 2003
what one inmate tells another when he wants some action. the inmate either chooses sodomy or murder
Yo punk ass beesh, shit on my dick or blood on my knife!
by aaron January 23, 2005
A delicious treat.
Mmmmm, I'm so happy that most houses gave out Reeses Peanut Butter Cups this year!
by Aaron July 06, 2003
tipper sucks
the ' random spaoken word album is become the media by jello biafra who was the singer in dead kennadys
by aaron October 17, 2003
Screening is the act of deliberately ignoring a phone call, often for days on end.

See Also: side-buttoning
:While calling someone: This is the fifth time i've called Nick, and this is the 5th time his ass has screened me.
by aaron December 17, 2007

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