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When listening to a completely boring person talk on and on, boremium is the invisible energy that emanates from said person that sucks the life out of you.
Steve: "so yeah then we went golfing and let me hehe, let me tell you about that. Oh man, Roger hit a 15 over and he was real upset so we were like haha you suck but that's another story, the real story is how we foun...
Max: "DUDE........I gotta go"

Later that day.

Rich: "hey Max, what's shakin?"
Max: "not much, Oh man if you see Steve, stay away, his boremium is strong today!"
Rich: "ah...probably more golf stores that lead nowhere"
by 808Curt August 06, 2011
A gal that just keeps squirtin' and squirtin'!
Dude1: "How was last night with that chick?"
Dude2: "Dude, she was an energeyser!"
Dude2: "She just kept going and goin!"
Dude1: "What's that?"
Dude2: "She just squirted all over the place constantly!"
Dude1: "Gross, dude. She got a sister lol?"
by 808Curt August 06, 2011
N. A text message from someone having PMS (PMT).

V. Playtexting. The act of sending a playtext.
Person 1: "Hey why is your wife sending me all these nasty messages?"
Person 2: "oh, she's playtexting everyone"
Person 1: "Dude, is it that time of the month?"
Person 2: "Yep. Ironic word eh?"
by 808Curt August 06, 2011
A small mess or a mess created by a baby. Also the beginnings of a mess. Originally created by JohnnyZ.
Person 1: "Dude, your room is a mess!"
Person 2: "Not really, it's more of a messlet"

Alien 1: "This human child has created a mess!"
Alien 2: "Mrrrrrrmmm...a messlet!"
by 808Curt August 06, 2011
A person who believes that benchmarks/benchmarking is the ONLY thing that matters instead of the overall usability and/or feel of something

Also: benchmarxism.
Examples would be the constant and boring IOS vs Android, OSX vs Windows, Intel Vs AMD, Imports vs Domestic (cars), Single vs Multicore debates, etc.

Person01: "Man, your MyFlush 3G phone SUCKS. It only has ONE core! Look at my quadrant results. That's right, I got 87,000.6! because I have 57 cores with my P-Mobile MegaDouche 4GS II"
Person02: "Efing benchmarxist! Not everything is about specs! my phone works PERFECTLY"
Person01: "Perfectly slow and old with a tiny, tiny screen!"
Person02: ":/ Gotta wait 'till my plan resets"
by 808Curt August 05, 2011
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