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(abbr.) What's up? How are you? -- see sup yo
by - December 30, 2002
Dapo is and increadibly good looking dude with chisseled good looks and a brain to match such an awsome appearance. Dapos can be found in their native habitat of endeavour hills. It is quite astonishing that a creature of such hotness, can be found nestled in the middle of the quiet subburbs. Truely the dapo is by far the most popular creature on the panet. I mean why wouldn't u like them.
ask everyone
by - April 08, 2004
Chanel Cole was the greatest contestant of Australian Idol in history. Chanel used a combination of lyrics, melody and tone to enhance and capture the audience. Chanel was a unique and lovely individual who rather then in the competition to win, was there to create both a fashion statement and music statement. A statement of how music really should be.
Chanel Cole came in at 5th place in Australian Idol, but was clearly the worthy winner of Australian Idol 2.
by - January 16, 2005
In parts of Scotland, "here" is an informal replacement for:

1.Excuse me.
2.Listen to this!
1."Here man, can I get a fag?"
2."Aw, here! Have you ever talked to Joe? He's mad, man!"
by - January 08, 2005
Australian collouquialism for skin between your balls and your asshole. (see: taint). Note also: world-wide grammar and anatomy scholars are still debating whether women have a 'gug'.
"Hey baby, maybe tonight we should go see Bridget Jones Diary again and then you can lick my gug"
by - May 14, 2003
Phrase said by some crazy black bitch during highschool graduation.
*quitely waiting while sitting in the middle of a football field and waiting to officially graduate*

*the following ensues*

"Don't be tappin' no back of my chair!"
by - October 15, 2004
Leet term for the term "sucks."
You be the "suxxorz" yo!
by - July 05, 2002