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Jennifer Granholm and Hillary Clinton are "no-goods".
by walleyealx January 14, 2007
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common term used in Glenmary meaning not good or very bad. Originally spoken by Grant Ohlmann.
Person A: Dude, my beer just fell in my bag!
Person B: No good!
by A4L-MJG September 10, 2008
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something that a person says to another person during certain situations. these situations may include but are not limited to:

when the second person says something upsetting
when there is a chick in the room that is only partially bangable, or in extreme situations, completely unbangable
when the second person is about to jizz but it gets held back
when the second person sucks a dick and doesn't enjoy it
person 1: dude, i totally banged this chick with two vaginas yesterday
person 2: dude that is totally awesome. You are one lucky guy
person 1: well it actually sucked because its really hard to keep both vaginas simultaneously stimulated, especially because i only have one dick.
person 1: no good?
person 2 in a bogan accent: no good mate, no good
by anjkib June 30, 2013
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