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derived from Young Upcoming Professional, or YUP --> "yuppie" became the natural colloquialisation. Derogatory 80s term to describe a 'new breed' of young, wealthy people, typically successful in business and not afraid to flaunt it in a fashion which particularly irritates non-yuppies.
All people with mobile/cell phones used to get tagged with 'yuppie'; the neo-yuppie is one who thinks they are above mobile phones and thus more infuriating in today's social climate than le olde yuppie from the 80s.
by ^_^ April 30, 2003
Short for "Hot Skitty on Wailord Action", breeding Skitty (a small kitten) and Wailord (a 47-foot-long whale).
I caught a Skitty! Time for some HSOWA!
by ^_^ July 27, 2003
You can see her panties when she kicks high. Kikouken power!
Chun Li was the first female to appear in the Street Fighter series.
by ^_^ August 21, 2003
The beautiful drummer from the Japanese Rock Band, Dir en Grey. He is very skilled with a double pedal and has a sweet little dog named Miyu, which is Japanese for beer.
Terahi Shinya shall continue his wonderful drumming for years to come.
by ^_^ November 29, 2004
super genius who is a great master and you shall obey
master duy is cool now shut up slut
by ^_^ April 08, 2003
An angel.
The nicest person in the world. She loves to match people up. She would never hurt a soul.
Mimo saved my life again today.
by ^_^ July 10, 2003
Public Address Private Analysis. Recognition of Apocalypse Creates Hope.
Papa Roach is awesome.
by ^_^ August 21, 2004

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