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Normal person-wannabee that likes to rape pokemon
<Nickokapo> go suck pikachu's cock o.O
<zandstra> ?•·File Server Online·•? Trigger..::/ctcp zandstra just 'toons, fool::.. Sending..::1/1::.. Waiting..::6/20::.. On server..::Spider-Man 2003, X-Men Evolution, and more.::.. Note..::Stay in channel to recieve files.::.. .•«UPP»•.
<Christian858> !list
<Ikarasu> been there, done that
by ^_^ September 01, 2003
What are you up to
Person1: Hey, wruu2?
Person2: nm, wrUu2?
by ^_^ August 07, 2003
the gayest fuckin wanna be teenage hacker you can find on mirc
i need to get some bots, im about to use the ltcd on microsoft.com
by ^_^ April 13, 2004
A spammer
Linkie spams on IRC
by ^_^ March 14, 2004
Ultimate killing machine in Natural Selection. See owned and pwned.
WTF???? mmartinx just owned everyone in cargo bay, F4.
by ^_^ March 26, 2003
A dumbass who thinks he smokes weed and looses his girlfriend to a guy in a wheelchair.
Did you see Stephen Hawking with his girl?
Yeah man that shit was funny!
by ^_^ November 07, 2004
Hotest man in Guilty Gear (all guilty gear games)
Just like Inu-Yasha and Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin
by ^_^ September 21, 2003
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