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28 definitions by ^_^

Hotest man in Guilty Gear (all guilty gear games)
Just like Inu-Yasha and Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin
by ^_^ September 21, 2003
Try-hard punk rock bands that sing about being alone and broken relationshipis. Much like a rnb but with guitars and drums. Usually stupid attention whore teeny-boppers listen to this crap.
Jessica is always listening to her emo-punk, I just want to slap her in the face.
by ^_^ June 06, 2004
a Drama Queen/attention whore extraordinaire that wins message board debates in their mind by simply driving the competition to boredom with a hefty 600+ word reply.
What a horrendous Synnovea that person used to defend their position.
by ^_^ July 21, 2003
jaood was here lolz
kjs - Dino Din
by ^_^ March 18, 2003
When a man and a woman have sex during the woman's period.
I feel very loved when my husband and I have a bloody mary. It's like he's not afraid to make love to me no matter what.
by ^_^ September 18, 2003
The Fucking Catacombs: When cesspool warriors attack other sites in the name of stupidity
by ^_^ August 28, 2003
a silly yet SMART girl who knows how to make people cry HAHAH
hue is a sexy beast...grrrowlll
by ^_^ August 03, 2004