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28 definitions by ^_^

super genius who is a great master and you shall obey
master duy is cool now shut up slut
by ^_^ April 08, 2003
a horrible pop punk band that wishes they were new found glory
Floffus really sucked ass threw a crazy straw yesterday
by ^_^ November 05, 2002
Kawaii personified
Ryoko sure is kawaii!
by ^_^ March 17, 2004
Someone who pretends to be something they are not, to look cool

See Caley.
"I love to wear black and be goth"
*5 mins later*
"I love rocky horror! send me some drop kick murphys i wanna be punk!"
by ^_^ March 24, 2003
One of the vast arrays of Australianisms describing marijuana. Essentially "bush" means that the shit is not hydro, and usually that it's been grown organically.
1. What is this shit, bush?
2. Damn, this shit good for bush.
by ^_^ April 30, 2003
To be unexplainably or magically gay
Man your so flippin' homogestic.
by ^_^ April 06, 2009
to hit
Nikki thwacked her friend on the arm.
*thwacks you
by ^_^ September 28, 2003