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to hit hard and percise. Usualy producing a THWACK sound.
With a "THWACK" the bamboo rod hit table.
by Myoga1 February 24, 2004
To receive a hand job or blow job, and to not finish.
"Dude, she was thwacking me for an hour yesterday."
"How did you not finish bro?
by Dan GleeSack December 06, 2012
To firmly slap ones penis across another persons face i.e. to be either very manly or very homosexual.
"Dude! That little limp wristed faggot just thwacked me!"

One jock buddy says to another...
"WHOA! Billy's asleep, someone thwack him!"
by Steven Spears April 14, 2005
The sound made by the scrotum striking the belly of a women whilst making love doggy-style
The thwack sound echoed through the room as I reached satiation.
by Hayers111 February 25, 2007
A derogatory word, implying someone intentionally masturbating someone else. The word derives from the sound of a penis being slapped.
"Thawck!" - stated by Mr Ben upon seeing his sister go to her room with her boyfriend.
by Mr Ben February 08, 2005
A firm thumb that a hard penis gives to a female (or male... depending on your taste), in any number of places.
Puedes THWACK tu SCHLONG en mi cara, por favor?
Translation: Can you THWACK your SCHLONG in my face, please?
by Nicka-Licka-Dicka March 03, 2005
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