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Over The Bars. When a biker bites the dust via going forward over his handlebars.
"way to go otb, dumbass"

"FUCK man, it's wet out, but i dunno what happened..."
by $$$ August 14, 2004
A combination of the words "rad" and "spectacular".
Lesbian mud wrestling is radtacular.
by $$$ February 21, 2004
To masturbate only using one's mind. Titillation comes from stimulation of the brain. Ejaculation often indicated by concentrated spit being ejected from the mouth.
"At the MENSA meeting, I couldn't keep myself mindsturbating. Yes, the ladies were that good."
by $$$ February 21, 2004
The first "x-treme" sport that Jesus participated in during his greasy teenage years, along with Moses Wakeboarding and Muhammad X-Treme Action Suicide Bombing.
"Did go Jesus Motocrossing today?" "Fuck no. I'm Native American."
by $$$ February 21, 2004
A practice session of one instrument in particular. If you add "bi-" in front of the word, it immediately becomes ambiguous, hot, and often times, hi-larious!
"Hey Matt, do you have hot bi-sectionals today?"
by $$$ February 21, 2004
Word used by fat whores and retarded fuckwads. Indicates the death of the internet.
"i totaly got fuXed dis guy in mi but yestreday1!! i mite ave aiids!!@ woteves1"
by $$$ February 21, 2004
The sworn enemy of the Ichthyosaurus.
"I WILL eat that blasted Mr. Sedge Warbler!"
by $$$ February 21, 2004
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