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The sworn enemy of the Ichthyosaurus.
"I WILL eat that blasted Mr. Sedge Warbler!"
by $$$ February 21, 2004
Rappers from Arkansas and Oklahoma where is not so dirty but much more rowdy!
Crunk from Tulsa to Little Rock and all up in da Rowdy South!
by $$$ September 22, 2003
Breast implants given to one of the male gender.
"Hey, Steven, your manplants look pretty hot. It's giving me NHO."
by $$$ February 21, 2004
A secret society in the movie and music business that's has connections worldwide
Up the tempo and the movie role for da pinch of ya Rowdy Row!
by $$$ September 22, 2003
Started by hypocrites.
A girl that you'd fuck without using protection and then expect to have your child because you're a religious zealot.
"Well yeah, she was gringabangable, but I'll fuckin go after her if she sees that abortcher"
by $$$ January 23, 2005
Mergles usage began with horny Asian businessmen when they could not remember any english words with which to communicate their ideas to underage prostitutes. Now commonly used for a lack of words.
"Alright Daniels, fuckin give up this shit already, we know you killed that bitch!"

by $$$ June 29, 2004
The sworn enemy of the Sedge Warbler.
"I WILL sodomize that bloody Mr. Ichthyosaurus!"
by $$$ February 21, 2004

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