When you hit the quan, nae nae, dab, and stride like damn daniel all consecutively
vro did you see that savage totally ZUMP over there!?

XD vrother that was a ZUMP for all the haters indeed!
by lol_xd_memes_21 February 20, 2018
1) abandon or desert (someone) via videoconference
"I just got zumped by my girlfriend over Zoom."
"My company just zumped me and now I need to find a new job."
by LyricalPoet April 17, 2020
The action of getting dumped on zoom during quarantine.
Sally: My boyfriend zumped me. I’ve been crying all day.
Alexa: Awww honey I’m sorry. He doesn’t deserve you if he dumped you over zoom.
by auyyyyaidan0619 April 27, 2020
Any nonsense word that can be perceived as offensive or vulgar, especially by a target audience that loves to be recreationally outraged.
“Did you hear that? He just called me a doozlefrazznut!”

Relax, that’s just a zump.”
by Bad Beth and Beyond November 3, 2021
When you get dumped over via zoom chat room😔
Her: Carl just zumped me!!!!!
Bsf: awwww sweetie want me to send you some chocolates!
by Wakandà¥foeefah April 26, 2020
After dat blunt I’m dat da be zumped,(occasionally leadin waking up high)
by thurlphillyboul November 22, 2021