1. A malleable term commonly used to describe a type of psychedelic trip, a deep meditative state, an out-of-body experience.

2. A ‘higher’ perspective; a holistic perspective.

3. Something that is out-of-this-world, outlandish, far out, trippy.

4. A psychedelic and cannabis centered clothing brand—ZOOMDOUT.
DMT zoomed me out like I’ve never zoomed out before. Three minutes into the trip I was looking at the INFINIVERSE; the ultimate web, full of interconnected dust particle-sized universes. I’m not even sure that I zoomed back into the same body!

Lucy finally told me the story about her near death experience. It’s so nuts. She says her soul literally zoomed out of her body as she began to die. Then she watched the entire car accident scene happen from up above.

Yo dude, I smoked about a joint of every Sativa strain in Amsterdamn at last year’s Cannabis Cup. I’ve never been that zoomed out in my life. I was seeing shit happen from space!

Wow. That’s a zoomed out Shpongle album if I’ve ever heard one.

“Eat nothin’ but mushrooms and drink pure liquid acid, I’m ZOOMD-the-fuck-OUT!” – Lush One (ZOOMDOUT shout out)
by ZOOMDOUT November 24, 2009
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Mental fatigue from overuse of Zoom, the enterprise video conferencing software turned digital classroom. Common amongst University Students in quarantine.
Oliver: "Hey dude, wanna chat via zoom tomorrow about this assignment"
Matt: "Nah, I've already got 2 zoom calls scheduled for tomorrow for other things, so I'll pretty much be zoomed out"
by verlio March 28, 2020
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look at the bigger picture. a wider perspective is needed - it's currently too narrow
nevermind the technology we're going to use. zoom out - what is this piece going to say?
by cameraman mario May 23, 2001
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A state of fatigue, weariness or confusion from extended periods of time in Zoom meetings.
I can’t do another zoom meeting. I am zoomed-out man
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What happens when you feel that you have been on too many video webinar meetings
I am so zoomed out I had 7 video webinars today
by Breaking dancing on cardboard October 23, 2020
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The process of zoning out while on a Zoom call or in a Zoom class.
"When I attend my three-hour finance lecture online, I end up zooming out by the end of it from boredom. I wish we still had classes in person to help me focus." - College Student
by brosefusmaximus May 13, 2020
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