A moment or moments of total relaxation of the body and soul almost in a sense of feeling "high".
A: Let's relax a minute here under the tree, I am exauhsted.
B: Ahhhhh... what a zoola it is ..!
by LED March 15, 2005
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Originally from Arabic, in which it means a sort of temporary shack or lean-to, this word was given a whole new meaning in Hebrew slang: it describes the sort of atmosphere that hangs around on those lazy summer days, when it's too hot to be doing anything and there's nothing to be done anyway, and you just sit in the shade and stare at the sunlight outside in a sort of half-conscious state. A zoola can last as little as a few minutes, or as long as days, depending on the situation.
What a zoola... I can stay like this for hours. I'm not going anywhere.
by Lady Pennywhistle June 22, 2005
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To describe a situation that appears to be scary, controversial, dangerous, and or uncertain.
Man, I was over at Tracy's place last night. That night was so zoola because I found out that that chick had a dick.
by IheartTSwift September 14, 2010
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