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When someone is walking around the street or the lobby of a building, or elevator, or anywhere at all, completely fixated on their blackberry or portable device completely oblivious where they're walking, or anything at all really, except what they're reading / typing.
Damnit zomberry, watch where you're walking!
by ByteMe95 March 02, 2010
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A combination of Zombie and Blackberry; A person in a group of two or more, listening to an individual, who checks his/her Blackberry and stays on it, completely checking out of the conversation that was going on.

This happens when two or more people are listening because the Zomberry subconsciously feels that because other people are still listening, it's okay if they stop.
"I was giving a presentation to four people and two of them went Zomberry half way through"
"Hello! Earth calling Zomberry, I was talking here"
by Y-Vezzzz May 01, 2009
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