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When your bae turns into a zombie.
Oh no! My bae! You're a zombae now!!
by Alien Loser April 09, 2016
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Zombae is a term used for an ex who doesn't want to leave you alone and keep trying to crawl back into your life in some weird way.
" Jordan, Derek keeps trying to be a zombae. It's annoying ."
by Lovelysnowy March 21, 2016
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ZomBAE- Basically trying to burry the ex that wont die, or in a nicer term, a ex that tries to swim their way back into your life by doing your hobbies, classes, or work ect. Someone who just doesn't get the hint and wont buzz off
Girl 1- My ex is being such a zomBAE
Girl 2- He's a zombie omg?!?
Girl 1- No, Zombae, he is like stalking me and wont leave me alone...
Girl 2- Oh, yeah, ik a ex that use to do that to me.
by Lovelysnowy March 22, 2016
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