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Zok!Sound the alarm!
by LiberateTeXInfernis June 13, 2004
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Zok (pronounced zəʊk or zʊk) originall a Kashmiri term, seen all over the internet, which literally means pubic hair, but is used in a variety of other contexts.

In adjective form

1)As an insult to someone.
2)Used to describe an object, place, or event as utterly awful.

In noun form
1)Used to refer to a person's pubic hair.

2)Often exclaimed alone during a conversation, ( Zok!) used to express that you have not done, or do not wish to do something, as you consider it beneath you to do it.
Friend 1: Did you hear about what Hadi did?

Friend 2: Why? What'd he do?
Friend 1: He tried to kiss his best friend, but got slapped by her instead.

Friend 2: Man, what a Zok!

Friend 1: Hey! Did you hear about the new dining place that opened up just across our school?

Friend 2: Yeah, went there last night. That place is Zok!

Friend 1: You know, I went down on my girl last night.

Friend 2: Really?! How'd it go?

Friend 1: Aah, it was fine but she had a huge zok that kept getting in the way.

Colleague 1: Did you go to that delegation yesterday. I heard it was really important.

Colleague 2: Zok! I'd never attend something that boring, and you know that.
by Bob_the_fucking_builder February 17, 2017
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A term refering to a super awesome south african that at one point or another would be found roming the halls of the community hebrew academy of toronto wallenberg campus, but currently residing at york university. will often have interests in jessica alba, liverpool fc and other south africans.

seldom quite.

other spellings include: Zawk, Zaque, Zoch,
1. Hey look, its Zok
2. Hi Zok

3. Zok, are you from british?
by cokezeroisfuntodrink June 10, 2009
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