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The most beautiful of all the names in the world. This woman screams out sexy with her long black hair and perfectly smooth tan skin. She is hit on constantly by so many guys that she wears earphones so that she can pretend that she can't hear them. She loves the outdoors and new adventure that challenge her to become better everyday. She is very smart and lovable her smile will melt anyone's heart. She is always happy and tries to find the good in every person no negativity will get her down. Only the lucky few would get to receive her affection and only one would get her heart.
Guy 1: Hey look at that girl over there she is so sexy.

Guy 2: She listen to something she won't pay attention to u.

Guy 1: Only if i can get her to look over here.

Guy 2: It's not going to happen.

Zohra: I wish that guy would stop looking over here.
by stephypoo September 06, 2011
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1. the extent
2. doesnt dooooooooooo any work at home
3. desi
4. braces
5. sometimes nice, smart
6. also means love and beauty
OMG....theres an overachiever her name must be Zohra!!
by Nosheen November 02, 2004
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