The ability to hold in a hit of reefer smoke(preferably from sinsemilla) for a long enough time to completely absorbe all of the smoke into the body. This technique is usually used when minimal amounts of pot are available.
"Hey Dick, this is all we have left, so hold that shit in."
"Aight, zero out man"
by dick douche November 01, 2005
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to defeat one's rival by giving them no chance to score; to whitewash.
Our team will zero out yours tomorrow.
by uttam maharjan January 16, 2014
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To go to sleep i.e. reduce one's consciousness to zero.
I was going to go to work, but I masturbated with Atari paddles until I zeroed out. sleep exhaustion tired conk out zero out
by jmitch77 September 22, 2015
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