The Zerg Rush. A strategy originating from Starcraft used only by the unstrategic. The Zerg Rush consists of mass producing as many Zerg Zerglings or Hydralisks in the shortest amount of time possible and attacking your enemy before he has a chance to do the same to you.

Also sometimes just used as Zerg.
Can be adapted for use anywhere.
I was trying to build some bunkers but after 5 minutes he was ready with his zerg rush. Cheap bastard.

Ok, here's the strategy: I'll hand the ball off to you and everyone else zerg the shit out of them.
by ill Johnny Blaze May 2, 2006
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Zerg Rushing: verb; The action of swift and merciless penetration of one individual by at least 20 inexperienced male youngsters whilst a large bloated woman demands more minerals. It is primarily performed by those so inexperianced they have not yet researched the one-on-one.
They are Zerg Rushing the bukkake star so hard!

That Frat party man, I got Zerg Rushed at least twice. My pylons couldn't withstand them!
by herpderp317 January 8, 2011
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A cool trick set up by google. If you google zerg rush, a bunch of o's will attack the screen. Try to kill as many as you can without losing all your search results.
Ted played Zerg Rush on Google
by wpd October 24, 2013
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The massive proliferation and spamming of facebook social plugins across seemingly every web page on the internet over the last few years, allowing them to track user's every move across the web. Also refers to the shameless promotion by more and more people and companies on and offline trying to suggest that you must join the swarm and get on facebook. This is the crowd of people bitching at you more every year for not having a facebook.

Both phenomena are reminiscent of the swarm of zerglings flooding into your base that constitutes the standard zerg rush in the game of Starcraft.
ex 1: What the hell? why do I need a facebook account to log in everywhere now? Goddam Zuckerberg Zerg Rush.

ex 2:

Me: "What is this, the Zuckerberg Zerg Rush? Get his cock out of your mouths already and leave me alone."
by SmellsLikeVictory May 15, 2012
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when typed on google, google will eat the page and it'll say when it's finished eating with 0's G G
" why did google eat the page?"
" google : zerg rush"
by mknkn July 1, 2014
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The most annoying thing possible in an online Starcraft match.
"I'm gonna Zerg Rush this Terran n00b."
by MurlocMage May 2, 2019
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