That blonde baby who got hit by lightning in Kimetsu no Yaiba. Cries alot but he hot, cherish him or perish
by trashytrashi October 16, 2019
A blonde boi from Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba who makes you UwU whenever you see him.
Person: “who’s your favorite demon slayer character?”
Me: “zenitsu cause he’s babyyyyy UwU
by hinaukki December 9, 2019
Such a crybaby but boy do I love him dearly.

Zenitsu is one of the many loved characters in Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer). He's an extreme bitch boy and a cry baby, but can I say anything? I am too. But wait, I'm not a boy...
Me: Zenitsu is cool!
Everyone else at school: Who tf is that? It sounds weird.
Me: *detroit smash intensifies*
by bokunoherobirdii November 5, 2020
A perverted character from the anime/manga demon slayer and is obsessed with girls (mostly Nezuko) he only knows thunder breathing first form and does anything to impress a girl sometimes I wonder why this character exists he is also afraid of literally everything and everyone (mostly inoske)
Tanjiro: disgusted
Nezuko: questioning life
by A_Useless_Human November 19, 2021
An account that makes you feel happy, there is no room for negative things on his page. She responds to your comment every time, she is an amazing human.
Zenitsu Lover makes me happy, I wanna be his friend
by im_anabels.fav January 12, 2022
Nezuko and zenitsu shipped together is pretty much pedo.
Random person: How old is Nezuko?
Random p.: How old is Zenitsu?
Nezuko x Zenitsu IS pedo.
by Allergic person September 21, 2021
Zenitsu is a character from the anime “Demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba” he’s a pussy who likes a 12 year old child and has a weird ass blade who shoots fucking lightning out of that shit.
I sleep during all of my attacks” -Zenitsu
by I like soap69 October 20, 2022