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A word that is so vile, it can't be uttered on CBS.
Craig Ferguson said, "they hear the z-word, and they faint!" and, "if you don't know what the z-word is, you haven't spent enough time on the internet... Go ahead and Google it, I'll wait..."
by Nortolim March 08, 2009
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A paraphrase for the word zombie used by the character "Shaun" (Simon Pegg) in the British film Shaun of the Dead.
Ed: "Any zombies out there"?
Shaun: "Don't say that".
Ed: "Say what"?
Shaun: "The z-word"!
by Derkaderkastani April 29, 2005
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Zword, the online word for weapon, for example, should you see it aproriate to pwn ur fallen noobie enemy. Then state they have fallen to ur zword, not gun, stick or penis.
HahaAHAHA, i r0xD th33@z\/\/ord ba77l3!!!oneoneoneonetwelve
by Thyne JMC January 27, 2005
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