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super-intelligent, amazing, humorous, definitely truthful girl who is extremely cool and can tell it like it is. sometimes sarcastic, she has a interesting sense of humor and is extremely gorgeous. a dependable, and trustworthy friend, she will stick beside you through thick and thin. she likes to make lasagna from m&m's meat shops and occasionally eat at sushi mountain. she has a beautiful personality and a beautiful appearance (she's pretty lucky). she comforts her friends, has a mischevious side and takes pretty good photos with a camera that i wish was mine. she is the embodiment of coolness and polish,she's classy and knows how to have fun. she's the one to bring problems to even though they make her head explode and has awesome advice. she has friends who can't always pronounce her name correctly, but remains patient and understanding. she's likes to sing (secretly on karaoke). she's korean but also canadian. she pretty much is an unbelievable, wonderful friend, full of surprises and a person that anyone should feel blessed to have met.
yunjung, did you eat all of that lasagna?

who's yunjung? the awesome one? oh cool.
by hockeygirl17 May 13, 2010
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