Used throughout the western world as a word exclaiming excitement. Usually used before a sentence. Can be found in many articles (including the Washington Post) and commentaries. By typing in Yowzers in the search engine google, many examples can be found.
by B. Cunningham January 28, 2005
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A hellaciously strong mixture of Southern Comfort and warm Pepsi (over 50%). Its barely palatable taste makes the drinker exclaim "yowzers!" after each pull. Best served while watching the U of M Wolverines kick the crap out of ...... (insert team here) at the Big House.
No thanks dude, if I have another sip of yowzers I'll totally puke all over this girl in front of me. (pause) All right, pass me that yowzer.
by Joe Diamond May 11, 2005
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The act of instigating grinding or dirty dancing with a unwilling participant/partner and being brutally rejected and publicly ashamed for doing so.
Did you see Jesse YOWZER kdog? Yeah! I didnt know girls could yell fuck off that loud!
by OldSchoolGhost September 19, 2007
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Something you say when your about to die in a Roblox Difficulty Chart Obby. Like once you reach the Hard Difficulty Level.
Ok, I reached Hard, oh no, Yowzer Wowzers! I almost died!
by {*Izzy*} March 2, 2023
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The act of having anal sex, with a Latina woman after she eats a whole jar of Jalapeños. Causing risk of the penis catching a seed from the woman’s anal cavity causing severe burning.
Yeah, Stacey is cool and all, but she gave me a Yucatán Yowzer last night. My pecker is still on fire.
by cpapi69247 April 11, 2023
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