Someone who posts Youtube videos about very mundane and self explanatory tasks. For example, the successful operation of a cordless drill.
Check out this YouTool, he posted a 15 minute video explaining the different settings of his laundry appliances.
by fishless12 June 01, 2016
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A tool who is famous, but only on YouTube. Lacking any meaningful talent, the YouTool must continually amp up his level of douchiness to avoid inevitably becoming a has been.

The YouTool is the bro-like equivalent of a hot girl who got instafamous by posting whorish pics on Instagram.

YouTools typically have punchable faces and secretly harbor sexual fantasies about their mostly preteen audience.
Bob: Did that YouTool Jake Paul actually fuck a 12 year old girl?

Louis: The people that live at 1600 Vine are such YouTools.

Bob: I'm pretty sure that YouTool just fucked a 12 year old, but I can't be sure because after he finished he said "it's just a prank bro".
by bigdicklouie69 July 29, 2017
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